Walking Tour of Galleries

Our events calendar is updated to include tours in two of New York’s major gallery-rich neighborhoods: Chelsea and the Upper East Side.  Each has a tremendous concentration of art galleries within just blocks from each other.

What You Can Expect :

  • You can choose which neighborhood you prefer to visit
  • We will brief you on the history and role of the neighborhood as a center for galleries
  • We will have pre-planned a tour of 6 to 8 of the best current gallery shows
  • You will be briefed on each artist
  • Show and key works of art. We encourage reactions and discussion.


Our event calendar offers group tours for particular exhibitions at museums

Recent tours have included the David Hockney retrospective at the MET and a Modigliani exhibition at the Jewish Museum.  Group tours are arranged for the following:

  • The MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
  • The MET Breuer
  • The Jewish Museum
  • Neuegalerie (German and Austrian art)
  • The Brooklyn Museum
  • The New Museum

Individual or small private tours can be arranged for the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim.

What You Can Expect :

    • We will brief you on the history of the museum and the exhibition we are going to visit
    • We will spend 2.5  hours exploring a major show or a particular art movement.

Visit to Artist’s Studio

      • Our calendar will at times include the opportunity to visit an artist’s studio in NYC.
      • These visits allow you to meet an artist in his or her workspace.
      • The artist will normally speak about their bio, current vision, process and current output.